Top 10 tech tools for entrepreneurs

exactly what you need to stay on task and profitable

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What's your go-to tech tool as an entrepreneur with an online business?

Starting a business can be overwhelming. If you’re launching a business or looking into starting an online business then congratulations! You’re an entrepreneur! But there are so many things to manage and tasks to be on top of… So here’s my list of the must-have tools for every entrepreneur out there to get their business organized.

Organization tools for entrepreneurs

1. is a transcription creator that converts conversations, podcasts, interviews, and any audio into smart notes that you can easily use and share. I use it for my course to create transcripts and subtitles for accessibility. You can also use it to create transcriptions and show notes for your podcast episodes. 

Hot tip: you can integrate Zoom and to automatically transcribe your meetings recorded to the cloud, even on the free and Zoom plans.

BONUS: You can sign up for a free plan on their site, but if you use my link here, you can get their Pro-Lite plan, not available anywhere else, which gives you 600 free minutes of transcription plus access to the Pro features (and I’ll get some bonus minutes, win-win).

2. Chrome

I love Chrome not only for its browser features but the People tab option on Chrome is a game changer! It allows you to set up profiles for all of your clients, keeping everything separate and organized, and avoid the annoyance of logging in and out every 5 minutes for different tasks. 

Do you manage multiple client accounts? This is the tip for you to save valuable time (and avoid a couple of headaches).

3. Bonsai

I’m not a Honeybooks or Dubsado fan. There, I said it. So I love how easy to use Bonsai is to as a CRM to streamline onboarding clients, from proposal to contract to invoice. It sends my invoices and payment reminders for me, clients can choose if they want to set up their preferred payment option and this can be recurrent and automated so no one has to worry about late payments. Another sweet feature is it includes a bank of contract templates you can use and customize as well as a time-tracking feature. If you upgrade to the next level plan, they include workflows and automations, forms and questionnaires, and subcontractor functions. The accounting and tax upgrade is cherry, too!

Every entrepreneur needs a contract + invoice tool (also known as a CRM for freelancers) and Bonsai is by far the easiest one to get started with to stay organized. 

BONUS: Get a free month trial here. Real talk: I once spent 3 hours setting up my Dubsado before I realized that software was a bit too rigid and time-consuming for me. I got a free month of Bonsai from a friend and was able to set it up in 30 minutes.

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Time tracking tools

4. Toggl

Toggl is my favorite of all time-tracking tools to know how much time I’m spending on tasks. It’s great for the new entrepreneur because it’s free, easy to set up and use, and it helps me as an entrepreneur to see where my time is being invested, and how I can work smarter to get the most out of my day. 

For example, if I notice after a month that some specific task is consuming too much of my time, I’ll consider if outsourcing that task to a Virtual Assistant so I can focus on what is most profitable for my business. 

Toggl also creates easy-to-understand reports that help me analyze where I’m spending my time on my business, strategically price my services, and know when I should be charging more for something specific.

Not only is it free, it’s actually making me money. Knowledge is power, and Toggl provides you all the insights and knowledge about how you invest your most powerful resource as a business owner: your time.  It gets extra points for me because it’s available on my phone, as a Chrome extension, and on their site.

Tools for Content Creation, Social Media, and Offers

5. Canva

No surprise here: Canva is the people’s favorite. And with good reason. But there’s so much more than you can do other than creating Instagram posts! Canva has resources and templates for so many types of content. 

As a Pinterest specialist, I personally use Canva all the time to design pins and Promoted Pins, to make sure that the paid ads I design for my clients are top-notch. 

But another thing I love using Canva for is creating slides. Not only to design the slides but also to present straight from within Canva! You can put them on presentation mode, have your notes written there, a timer, and you can even record and go live, all within the Canva platform. 

If you’re creating educational content, a summit presentation, or are thinking about your own online course business, Canva’s slides are not to be missed.

6. Styled Stock Society

Not only do they have an extensive and beautiful collection of stock photos for you to use freely, but I honestly love their Canva templates. If you’ve ever seen a beautiful lead magnet from me or anything that looks classy and high-end luxe, it’s probably using their templates.

Their membership is worth it just for the templates alone, and the stock photos are a fabulous bonus. So make sure you think about pairing your Canva skills with StyledStock assets to take your graphic and content creation to the next level.

BONUS: Snag 20 free, beautiful stock photos here you can use on your feed or website ASAP

Their membership is worth it just for the templates alone, and the stock photos are a fabulous bonus

Planning and Communication Tools

7. Airtable

This content planner and organization tool is amazing for getting everything in order. Every entrepreneur needs a system to organize their data, content, leads, and team, and for me, it’s Airtable

I use Airtable to plan Pinterest or Instagram content. As a content organization tool, it helps me see the stages in which each piece of content is at and the content pillars I’m working on according to my strategy and the calendar.

It’s also a great communication tool between teams or for clients. I use their intake forms to categorize and organize data for my clients, before getting them started with their new Pinterest strategy.

And lastly, I use it as a tech support forum for my courses and workshops to quickly and efficiently communicate and solve problems that my students or attendees might be facing. This entrepreneur tool is a life saver.

8. Voxer

Do you ever get an idea that you’d like to share and talk to someone but you can’t write it down or call someone in the moment… and then when you do have a minute to do so, you forgot the idea? It happens to me all the time.

My secret ingredient for organization success is Voxer, a walkie-talkie app for team communication. I use it often to talk to my team members and organize tasks, send reminders or to bounce ideas around with a partner (or biz bestie) at a fast pace. You can also create a group chat to really stay tight and communicate quickly as a team.

They have a great free plan and it’s more than enough to get things rolling and start the conversation.

Digital Marketing Tools

9. Tailwind

If you’ve heard me say anything about Pinterest, you know that is super powerful but can be time consuming to create and share your pins every day. So this tool allows you to organize your strategy and schedule your pins so they go out according to a schedule automatically.

Tailwind also works GREAT to schedule posts for Instagram. You can try it out for free here and the best part is, your 30-post free trial has no time limit! I’ll admit that I’m still working off that free trial, two years later.

If you’re starting from scratch, this is a great tool option for entrepreneurs looking to save some money and get an excellent service.

iMac computer showing Tailwind and woman in upper right hand corner teaching how to use Tailwind effectively for Pinterest marketing, iPhone showing Tailwind, and label "Tailwind Tell All" workshop

New to Tailwind?

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10. MailerLite

As an entrepreneur and business owner, you know you must have an email marketing strategy in place. You want to grow an email list and create engaging (and converting) newsletters for your subscribers.

If you’re looking into which of the email marketing tools is the best out there, let me introduce you to MailerLite. This platform allows you to use all of their features for free if you have less than 1,000 subscribers. Other services like Mailchimp or ConvertKit also have free plans but their features or automation options are very limited or nonexistent until you upgrade. 

If you grow your email list to over 1,000 and upgrade to a paid plan, you’ll get a great value for a fair price and the best customer service experience ever. You’ll have access to their customer service chat 24/7 and know that they’ll never take more than a couple of minutes to respond. 

It’s a powerful software with the features and tools you’ll need to grow your business, like conditional content, advanced automations, e-comm integrations, etc. And it’s so affordable!

BONUS: Sign up with my referral link and get a $20 credit, plus a 14-day free trial of a paid account which includes 24-7 Monday-Sunday chat support. They always respond within a few minutes and are SUPER helpful. Definitely take advantage of that free support while you’re getting set up and learning the platform.

These tools not only save me time and hassle as an entrepreneur, but they also let me be faster, more efficient, work effortlessly so I can earn even more. These are the tools that allow me to get more done in less time. Working smarter, not harder. 

What are your favorite tech tools and apps that save you time and money as an entrepreneur?

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