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Virtual Summits the Easy Way with Summit in a Box

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Ready to double or triple your email list, become an authority in your niche, and make money in the process?

Summit in a Box is a complete summit kit with every page, email, post and message template you’d ever need (hundreds, with examples of how to use them), tutorials on the tech needed to create a summit site that can handle payments, streaming video, chatboxes, and more, a full done-for-you marketing plan with a timeline estimator to help you stay on track, and all the pieces you’ll need to stay organized and on track, including Airtable bases, Trello boards, Asana tasks and more.

hundreds of email templates

Every email you'll send attendees, from the promotion, to registration, pitch your All Access Pass and swipe templates you can send your speakers and affiliates too!

complete wordpress site

Dozens of page templates for WordPress (BeaverBuilder and Elementor) as well as the entire summit site for Kajabi, with detailed instructions for importing

crystal clear marketing plan

Not sure how much time you need to plan your summit? Learn when (and why) you should start promoting, and what to say when it's time to announce the summit.

contracts, graphics, prompts

Speaker agreements, Canva templates for social media posts, engagement prompts for your Facebook group, SIAB has dozens in each category


I’ve used Summit in a Box to help me implement on several summits and I also am a trained digital marketer. 

If you are:

  • Unsure of the tech or which platform to use
  • When to have your summit or how to position it
  • How it fits in with your next launch or service offer

You’ll definitely want to schedule a summit strategy session with me! The good news is, if you use my affiliate link to purchase Summit in a Box (below), you’ll get it for free.