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Cheaper than Facebook ads, and  SO MUCH LESS creepy, Promoted Pins work seamlessly with your organic marketing and juiced up SEO to get your content right in front of ideal clients, all day long.

(without totally interrupting their search or being slimy in the process)

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You’re so proud of the client work or photo you just posted, an incredible DIY, or that amazing whole-home renovation reveal, and were sure that potential clients would see your work and be hitting that that BOOK NOW button in a hurry… but instead,

the post hasn’t seen any traffic, zero ideal clients have seen your work, and absolutely no bookings are coming in from your website.

Fun bonus? Promoted Pins can work alongside your Facebook ads and bring you leads for so much cheaper

How we get started



Send me a little info about your biz, your best-performing pins, and how you’re monetizing traffic to your site. We’ll set up a time to chat so that I can understand your goals, budget, Pinterest funnel and how we can work together.



After the agreement and invoice are taken care of, we’ll have a kickoff call so I can get to know your business (and you!) better before I  get to work tidying up your account, ensuring your profile has SEO in all the places, creating your custom keyword vault, and doing a deep dive into your data, especially your Google Analytics.



After collaborating on pin designs, I’ll get your custom audiences set up, spend plenty of time getting rock-solid on the perfect keywords your ideal client is searching for on the platform, and make some decisions on the types of campaigns we’ll be running. Then it’s time to start those ads running!

This is the part where I spend hours analyzing, optimizing and generally keeping my eyes glued to your campaigns. You get to relax. Deal?

how we can work together

Promoted Pins for established tripwire funnels


Promoted Pins for list growth


New ads account setup and initial campaign


Ongoing management


Promoted Pins put your content front and center at the perfect time: right when people are searching for ideas and solutions

Investment for Promoted Pins starts at $800

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Uhm, I may not be ready

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I discontinue Facebook ads?

In many cases, Promoted Pins can work in concert with Facebook ads. We can chat more about it on our onboarding call.

Are there ad spend requirements?

In order to generate enough results to optimize your campaigns, I require an absolute minimum of $300/month in ad spend.

Do you have a minimum commitment?

Three months. The first month will be focused on set-up and optimization, A/B testing, creative, swapping audiences, etc.

What kind of strategy will you use?

Every niche, audience and offer is different so you will benefit from a custom strategy that is blended with experience.

How quickly will I see results?

As with any form of marketing, results may vary and take time. Pinterest as a platform takes longer than Facebook to fully ‘season’ or optimize your tag for best results.

Do you guarantee a certain ROAS?

I do not guarantee results or a certain return on ad spend. I work hard to get my clients the best results possible, but absolutely cannot guarantee results.

This is for you if..

  • You have a funnel set up that starts with Pinterest (tripwire, low ticket offer, etc.)
  • Your funnel is validated and has a conversion rate of 3% or more
  • Your audience uses Pinterest
  • You’re excited to try a new kind of paid advertising
  • You have an ads budget of $300+/mo

Maybe we’re not a great fit if…

  • You don’t have an offer that’s already working and converting (jump here instead)
  • Your content fits one of Pinterest’s banned categories
  • You expect results within days – Pinterest is a slow adopting platform. Results take time and your Pinterest tag will need 30 days to optimize
  • You don’t do so great with deadlines or communication
  • You want to be in total control of the process

Hey, I’m Dama, a Pinterest fangirl for the past decade

Favorite things: pups, espresso, brainstorming and Stripe notifications.

Learn more about me and all the ways we can partner HERE.

the post hasn’t seen any traffic, zero ideal clients have seen your work, and absolutely no bookings are coming in from your website.

Ready to get started with this service?

Yes, please! I’m ready

Uhm, I may not be ready

I’d love to but

Dama Jue is the owner of Details to Dama, a digital marketing strategy and Pinterest marketing company for creative entrepreneurs in the San Francisco Bay Area partnering with clients worldwide.

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