tablet and laptop showing pin description generator and board description generator being used

Bad news: writing board & pin descriptions takes forever. Good news? I’ve got a juicy shortcut for you

Pin Copy Generators

write perfectly keyworded pin copy in seconds

Pinterest marketing is more than just pretty pins. Writing properly keyworded board descriptions and pin descriptions is essential to success, but let’s face it… tedious 😬

I would know, I’ve written thousands of them… until I figured out a genius way to get it done in a fraction of the time

Enter my new BFFs: my lightning fast Pin Copy Generators that save me HOURS in my business 

Pin Copy Generators let you write your perfectly keyworded Pinterest board descriptions and Pin copy descriptions in minutes. All you need to do is copy+paste (hello, time and sanity saver!)

Get all 6 generators for only $37!

Ericka Calumsang
Ericka Calumsang
Instagram Expert at EC Virtual Solutions​
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I LOVE these generators! I started knowing nothing about Pinterest so this saved me so much time with keyword research and board descriptions!
Shilpi Karner
Shilpi Karner
Food Photographer and Blogger, Between2Kitchens
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Oooh love the Pin Copy Generators!!! They save you so much time especially when you are just starting out! So worth it 💯

Pinterest ISN’T social media, it’s a visual search engine

Like Google’s bedazzled, artsy craftsy little sister

Since Pinterest is a purely visual platform, we tend to focus on making the most eye-catching pins, and that matters but… what if your offer isn’t a physical product? You can’t just hope to rank with a cute cat picture or a random stock photo.

You need to tell Pinterest wtf your offer or content is about, and the easiest way to do it is with keywords, aka search terms.

That’s where writing keyword-rich board descriptions and pin descriptions come in. The only problem is, if you just paste a list of 17 keywords in, Pinterest will flag you as spam. It’s against their Community Guidelines, you need to use natural sentences, not just a list of terms.

So that leaves you spending hours figuring out how to gently STUFF a ton of keywords into 500 characters that somehow sounds like a real sentence. Not my idea of a fun Sunday afternoon 😬

That’s why I created the Pin Copy Generators. They are a mad-libs style tool where all you have to do is paste in your target keywords and the generators create rock-solid natural-sounding copy that is drenched in SEO, perfectly positioned for your audience, and ready to pop into your Pinterest account so you can spotlight your content to drive clicks and warm leads to your site.

Pin Copy Generators includes:

Only $37 including 2 bonuses!

tablet and laptop showing pin description generator and board description generator being used

Your chance to save yourself from a LOT of mind-numbing copywriting is here…

Pin Copy Generators

Get 6 crazy-easy-to-use generators to make your Pinterest account setup a cinch (Board Description Generators) and slash your Pin description writing time down from a couple tedious hours to less than 5 minutes (yeah, seriously) with the Pin Description Generators.

Get back to what you’d rather be doing: Netflixing, CEO stuff, client work or taking your pup for a walk.

Ready to write your pin copy in less than 5 minutes flat?

Get instant access to the Pin Copy Generators below and copy-and-paste your way DONE!

Love letters about the Pin Copy Generators

they don’t like writing pin copy either so they snatched up the generators and never looked back

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I manage Pinterest accounts for clients and I love doing keyword research, but writing the board descriptions ALWAYS takes lots of time. 

Dama’s board description and pin description generators are a HUGE time saver and a total game-changer. They make my job so much faster and easier. I am completely obsessed with them!

Morgan DiFrancesco, Pinterest Manager

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Dama Jue’s Pinterest tools is what every marketer needs in their back pocket.

We’ll admit, Pinterest feels like a tough nut to crack, but Dama makes it easy to understand and utilize this often looked over marketing tool. If you’ve been saying to yourself, “I know I should be using Pinterest, but I have NO idea where to start,” don’t wait another second.

Julie Stoian, CEO of Funnel Gorgeous, Digital Insiders, and Create Your Laptop Lifestyle

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! You’ll get a video tutorial showing you how to use the generators and where to put the pin copy inside Pinterest once you’d added your keywords. All you need to know how to do is copy-and-paste.

Uhm, forever! You’ll be able to save them to your own computer or cloud so even if I sail off into the sunset (or finally take that year-long around the world trip I’ve always wanted), you’ll still be able to access and use these generators.

Sure! Their time savings is YOUR time savings. Here’s the caveat: you can share them with someone on *your team* for use on *your Pinterest account* but you cannot share this with friends. It’s pretty cheap, just send them a link to purchase and stay out of the ick zone.